A captivating, momentous story.
Don't miss it!”
DC Theater Arts
Gripping! An undeniably
important world premiere.”
Yilong Liu is an
expert storyteller.”
The Wrap
Delightfully staged by Chay Yew.”
The Front Row Center
Francis Jue is,
as always, excellent.”
Talkin' Broadway
Time Out

“A mélange of a play about getting a second chance, and being wise enough to grab it.”
The New York Times

A father learns that closing the door to his past means shutting his daughter out in Good Enemy, Yilong Liu’s “urgent and gripping” (The Front Row Center) new play. When Howard makes a surprise cross-country trip to visit his college-aged, TikTok-loving daughter, he’s forced to confront the realities of their relationship and the rift between them—a rift caused by Howard’s refusal to face memories of his life as a young man in China. In this powerfully relatable joy ride, Good Enemy explores the power of human connections, affirming that no one lives an “ordinary” life, no matter how hard they might try.

This production includes brief nudity, recorded gunshots, and theatrical haze.